Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm So Lucky...!

I've passed my first month in this company, and thank God, things go well... So, next week I plan to have lunch together, makan-makan, with my dearest Geng Cemen. I know it won't be enough to tell them how grateful I am to have them as my closest friends and how happy I am to be the part of them. Also, it's somekind of a little celebration of my new job :) I'm so lucky to have all these things, Thank God! And through this article, I would like to thank these special people:
To my wonderful family for their love and support anytime in any sircumstances no matter what. For trying to pull me up when I'm drowning in tears, and for giving me warm hugs when I feel this world as a cold place.
To all CeMeNeRs; To Azzurrina for the wonderful years we had, during good times and bad times, for being such a good listener, for being tulalit sometimes which keeps me smile :) To Bu Heboh for such a great discussion partner especially during those bad times, she's the toughest person I ever know, I learn a lot from her. To Tuyul for being so helpful, not just to me but to anybody, that's not an easy thing I know, I wish I could be that helpful. To Lele for being so funny, makes me relax and laughing in the middle of my hectic working time. To Dengan for showing me how to be the person with "semangat yang tak kunjung padam" :)
Besides family & CeMeNeRs, there are also some people who support me at their best to help me out. Ramin for his full support, it's more than just a reccomendation, it's a little bit "maksa" :) Kakak Chung must be 'pusing' receiving his phone calls. To Tikus for his powerful reccomendation, he helps me again (for the 3rd time) and for our nice discussion about marriage & family, I learn a lot from him. To Tikus and Ramin, I'll never let you down, I'll show to Kakak Chung and the others that I deserve the reccomendation. And of course to Kakak Chung for such a wonderful capo, spending time among his busy schedules to give me lessons about this company and this business. Last but not least, to GG, he may not realize that what he wrote on the card gives me strength, but it's true, I wish I could say thanks so much to him.
"You'll never realize how precious the things/people you have until you lost them". I don't want to be like that, I don't want to realize it when it's too late. I'm very lucky to know them all. When things don't go as I hope, I'll remember this moment, knowing that I'm a very very lucky person, and there's no reason to be upset. La vita e bella!!! :*