Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Divorce. I believe it sounds terrible. You'll never think of that the day you get married. But, it's an ironic reality that quite many of us deal with it.
What is the worst part of it? Is it about loosing someone you love? I don't think so, because when it happened, love wasn't there anymore.
I think the worst part is the feeling that you failed. Other people face the same problem and they can make it but you can't. You failed, case closed.
But one of my dearest friends told me not to think of it as the sign that you failed. He prefers seeing it from a different point of view. He said, marriage is like an examination. You can pass it, but it's not impossible either you failed to pass it. But the big difference is, in life there is no word "fail", what you have is "experience". You still have a chance to do the examination again, but this time you know what it's all about, because you can never imagine what is marriage like until you jump into it. And with the experience you got in the past, you won't do the same mistakes. You'll learn a lot from your experience.
The real commitment starts when there's a child in your marriage. When you decide to have a child, make sure that you receive your spouse as the father/mother of the child. Every child needs both father and mother, one of them is not enough, it will affect him psicologically on his future. Of course it is God who bring them to the world, but it's your responsibility to take care of them, through marriage you cause a child be born, he never ask to be born. You can't say "I can't get along with your mom/dad, I'm leaving, bye!" It will be very unfair for him.
So let's think of it this way, when you have a problem with your spouse, instead of being stubborn and defending your ego, please look at your child as your drive. Thinking of your child as your drive makes you more patience and emotionally calm you down. You'll realize for whom you live, you'll know where to go, and at the end, it will remind you of your responsibilities.
*Thanks so much to my dear friend P for sharing this opinion and precious advice with me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

First day

Today is my first day at the new office… Things go well, thank God, although a little bit confusing because of the huge amount of people I see on my first day. Compare to the previous one, this company has a lot more employees.
This morning when I was waiting at the lobby of this company, waiting for the HRD manager to bring me in and introduce me to the others, Daniel sent me SMS, he said he is sitting on the beach in California, makes me jealous though, he’s relaxing on the beach and I’m sitting a little bit nervous there at the lobby, but I’m glad to receive the SMS, it made me less nervous.

So today I met almost the whole employees, the 1st to 20th name I still can remember, but the rest… I don’t know… Well, I’ll get to know them all as time goes by anyway!
Nothing much to do today, looking in the files, getting to know a little bit about this company and its business, getting about 1 hour “lecture” from Kakak Cheung, about the organization and the management of this company, and I also joined the Smelling Session this morning, nice people there, young and dynamic.
The good news is, on Friday this week, we’re gonna play bowling! Yeaaaaahhh…!! I never play bowling but I’ll just enjoy it, I’m pretty lucky as a new comer get such occasion. Can’t wait!

Another good news is about P, somebody here, actually my working partner here, told me how nice P was when he was here, makes me proud to be his friend, send you a big hug my dear Tikus, and a big kiss too…